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Powwow Limited is a Mobile Internet company providing a location-based, Social Network, Search Engine service that is founded upon personal user needs and set preferences. Powwow Ltd. offers relevant information about places, people and events around an individual that pertains to that person’s particular likes and interests.

“Let’s Powwow” is the platform that will deliver this information by matching the user’s identified “likes” with our vast database of venues, social networks and events.The more frequently an individual uses Let’s Powwow, the more specific and unique the information s/he receives will become.

Let’s Powwow is developed for active Mobile Internet users that incorporate smart-phones and social networking sites into their daily lives.

Unlike average Social Sites or LBS products currently in the market, Let's Powwow rewards our users for coming together with their friends and eating, shopping and partying at the places they already frequent. We believe that everyone should benefit from interacting in the real world, not living in a virtual one.

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“Let’s powwow”是一个平台,从庞大的场所,族群和活动数据库中,提取能匹配用户“喜好”的有价值的信息。用户的使用越频繁,系统提供的资讯就越有针对性和唯一性。

“Let’s powwow”是为活跃的移动互联网用户而开发的,结合智能手机和社群网站,在日常生活中方便使用。

不同于一般社群网站以及其他基于位置提供服务的产品,Let’s Powwow鼓励使用者在他们喜欢的地方,更频繁的和朋友在一起就餐,购物和派对。